Thursday, November 03, 2005

Christmas Projects so far...

Here's the afghan I am making for my aunt Cheryl and my uncle Dave. It's made of Lion Brand Homespun which isn't the nicest yarn to work wtih but it looks really pretty. They also have two cats so it needed to be something washable. Right now it's about 19"x59". Apparently my guage changed based on my gauge swatch it was supposed to be 48" and it turned into 59" so I think I'm going to knit it to 40"x60" or so which means I'm almost halfway done. Maybe 48"x60" would be a better dimension.

Here's a picture of Jonah's Christmas stocking. I'm about half way done. I'm almost done with the most complicated part once you get down to Santa's legs there are fewer color changes and it goes a lot faster. Turning the heal and doing to toe are really easy. I'm really not a big fan of doing intarsia... the back ends up a huge mess tons of ends to weave in but they are cute stockings and they are the ones my brothers and I have to it will be worth it in the end.

Here's a look at the back of the stocking:

The last one only took about 25 hours to seam and weave in the ends. Hopefully this one will go more quickly!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These stockings are really cute and they knit up quickly too. Sue

7:44 AM  

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